Sics at Jfokus in Stockholm

Sics at Jfokus in Stockholm


Jfokus is a national developing conference in Stockholm, whith focus on Java and advance data technology. More than 1500 people met up at Waterfront Conference Stockholm 4-6 february. The conference had gathered several international speakers and was combined with a technology exhibition. One of the exhibitors was the IEA partner Sics Swedish ICT. Sics showed prototypes and concepts IEA systems and had on display, a miniature house filled with IEA components and technology. The protoype showed smart home control via internet, just as IEA works in real life.


Besides the exhibitions, the visitors could listen to a variety of speakers and lectures. One of the lectures was about the real-time delivery architecture at Twitter, held by Raffi Krikorian from Twitter and Attila Szegedi representing Oracle Corporation (see slideshow).

//Jonas Eklind

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