XEP 323 Interoperability test

This evening we conducted interoperable communication test between Chile and Sweden. Over XMPP extension XEP_0323 we are able to read a data in a xml uniform way. Two totally different implementations one on the clayster plattform a platform used by KTC and another one through the opensource SleekXMPP python package which now has support for the standard through our implementation available on github.

The project also has it Java based implementation which will be used in the field tries later this autumn

Read out of a Kamstrup 402 Heatmeter measuring values from the Uppsala district heating system.

The XML sent and received looks like this.

<iq to="sust12@jabber.sust.se/3500151603138099220934850" from="sust3@jabber.sust.se/21713617491380109116614465" id="18" type="get">
<req xmlns="urn:xmpp:iot:sensordata" seqnr="18" momentary="true" /></iq>

<iq id="18" to="sust3@jabber.sust.se/21713617491380109116614465" from="sust12@jabber.sust.se/3500151603138099220934850" xml:lang="en" type="result">
<accepted xmlns="urn:xmpp:iot:sensordata" seqnr="18" /></iq>
<message to="sust3@jabber.sust.se/21713617491380109116614465" from="sust12@jabber.sust.se/3500151603138099220934850" xml:lang="en">
<fields xmlns="urn:xmpp:iot:sensordata" seqnr="18" done="true">
<node nodeId="KamstrupEnergy"><timestamp value="2013-09-25T19:38:37">
<numeric unit="None" name="T3Temp" value="None" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="kW" name="Power" value="1.7" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="C" name="RetFlowTemp" value="33.6" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="MWh" name="Energy" value="11.545" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="None" name="T4Temp" value="None" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="l/h" name="Flow" value="40.0" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="None" name="FlowPressure" value="None" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="m3" name="Volume" value="286.9" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="C" name="FlowTemp" value="73.28" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="K" name="DiffTemp" value="39.68" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="None" name="ReturnFlow" value="None" momentary="true" />
<numeric unit="None" name="ReturnFlowPressure" value="None" momentary="true" />

Imagine possibilities when you in a uniform way could securely ask for a standard set of data.