gogoNET conference 12-14 november

gogoNET conference 12-14 november

gogoNET LIVE! 4 is a conference focusing on ”Internet and things” (IoT) and IPv6. During november 12-14 2013, people from all around the world will visit Silicon Valley, USA, to participate in workshops and keynotes regarding the future of Internet Protocols and technologies.  ”Internet of things” is the theory that every gadget and product in the world should be connected to the Internet and be able to perform two-ways communication. To make that possible, we first of all need a lot more IP’s, and that is where the new Internet Protocol IPv6 comes in.

Joachim Lindborg from IEA, Sust, is one of the speakers and he will talk about  the real opportunities with IPv6 and why it´s important for the project ”Internet and things”.  Working with Sust and IEA, Joachim has gained a lot of experience and good examples in the usage of IP for energy efficiency. His headline isIoT needs IP and IPv6 will drive IoT” and the keynote will take place on november 13 9.15 PM.

Workshop agenda for gogonetlive 4 IoT hands on

You can read the agenda for gogoNET LIVE! 4

IPv6 is Internet Protocol version 6, which is the latest revision of the Internet Protocol (IP). IP is the communications protocol that gives us identification and location systems for computers on networks. IPv6 is starting to take over from the older version IPv4, which still providies the majority of internet traffic today. Read more about IPv6 (in swedish)