XMPP UK IoT meetup

XMPP UK IoT meetup

On the evening of December 2nd the XMPP UK meetup group came together to discuss and try out Internet of Things based on XMPP

The evening was co located with the big IoT event called @thingmonk at the nice venue of @monkchips at Shoreditch works village hall London

ConnectingDevices CodingbyCandlelight

The evening started of with a  power outage so which swiftly was fixed via a cable to the neighbour so we could start the presentations in candle light very nice

@lloydwatkin did a good introduction to what XMPP is. @JoachimLindborg then continued to show how XMPP can be used for Internet of Things and especially how it  solves the issues for the iea.sust.se project

We later had a session where we connected raspberries locally and controlled hardware in Sweden. @Zooldk also made some notes of the event http://zooldk.blogspot.dk/2013/12/xmpp-iot-meetup-in-uk-2nd-december.html

SwedenDevicesconnected 2013-12-02 21.53.48