Global IoT Day Stockholm Speakers

Global IoT Day Stockholm Speakers

We are now finalizing the schedules for the Global IoT day and evening.

The evening will be technical with devices and things. Therefore we will try to provide a good view of the usability and design needs of the Internet of Things through our very interesting speakers


Petra Sundström

Petra is a very skilled reasearcher in the area of human-computer interaction and being part of the mobile life research team she has worked much with mobile solutions and customer IoT
Title: ”IoT – The Mobile Life vision”

16:00 CEST
Joachim Lindborg

Joachim Lindborg

Joachim has since the last millenium worked with connected devices to do energy efficiency solutions. Organizer of the evening and project leader of ”intelligent energy servies”
Title: ”Using open distributed protocol to unleash the business potential in IoT”
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16:30 CEST
Toomas Kärner

Toomas Kärner

Toomas is working as Business Manager for the Home Control within Eelion (TeliaSonera operations in Estonia)
Title: “From connected things to Internet of Things and Telecoms new potential role”

18:00 CEST

Scott Jenson

Scott works with Product Strategy at Google and has a profound knowledge about how things should be designed to actually be used.
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19:00 CEST

Martin Willers

Martin has a long experience in Design and the process of creating business models along with the devices. The merit list is long and inspiring.
Title: ”Breaking the boundaries between physical and digital experiences”
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20:00 CEST
Steffen Larsen

Steffen Larsen

Steffen is working with IP TV and interaction solutions. He has been part of the XMPP standards foundation for many years
Title: ”Second Screen and XMPP” empowering the video experience when having many screens and devices
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Detailed time schedule over several timezones