Launching #IoTevery9th, count down to #IoTday 9th april 2015

Launching #IoTevery9th, count down to #IoTday 9th april 2015

Launching on December 9th we started the #IoTevery9th hack. It’s a count down to the 9th of April Global IoT day. We will have an afternoon of connecting devices and test things out. Hands on locally at the Sustainable innovation office or do it by your self anywhere.

December 9th

First out is an interesting xmpp workshop done by  Evothings they has created an xmpp only java script client based on strophe.js and eliminating the need for a bosh server when using xmpp.

try it out at

during december the lab will be extended with accessing xmpp based devices.

January 9th

Using python to connect xmpp devices get your raspberries connected to a network and publish dem globally. Follow the simple example

February 9th

Set up your own disco lights with philips hue integration and  XMPP.  use this easy to set up python integration providing ”hue, sat, bri, st” values to be controlled both over standard xmpp based on  XEP 323 and XEP 325



Mars 9th

Setting up and Intel Edison board and the GPIO’s  to be accessed securely over the XMPP network.  The new Intel Edison board with it’s Aurduino compatibility IO is a fantastic platform to create interesting IoT stuff

On 9th of April 2015 it is the official Global IoT day.

The Global IoTDay is a Internet of Things council initiative and will take place for the 5th year 2015. There will be a lot of action and activities around the world!