Global IoTday 2015 Speakers and schedule

Global IoTday 2015 Speakers and schedule

We are now finalizing the schedules for the Global IoT day and evening. This is somewhat preliminary and will probably change some what before Thursday

The evening will be technical with devices and things. Therefore we will try to provide a good view of the usability and design needs of the Internet of Things through our very interesting speakers

Joachim Lindborg

Event host Joachim Lindborg

please contact if you would like to talk or have any comments

Time Schedule in CEST
12:00 CEST
First welcome to online viewers and setting up of the event.
14:00 CEST
Tasks introduction and, local short talks
15:00 CEST
Jaakko Kiviluoto

Jaakko Kiviluoto

Jaakko is experienced with the Intel plattforms and we will start with the first hands-on session. The ones that has booked to be ambassadors in this session will get emails soon
Title: Intel Handson session with the Edison board



Lisa Cajander

With an analytical and innovative mind, inspiring leadership and strong driving force, Lisa is managing the global digital arena and ensuring top class online experience globally, ensuring efficiency, high performance, and strong deliveries.
Title: ”Husqvarna Group Connects: ”


17:00 – 17:20 CEST
Rickard Strid

Rickard Strid

Clayster is a world leader in Internet Of Things. We create tools that help data to be understandable as information and to be shared as knowledge. The key for a more sustainable planet is a semantic fabric that connects data points and links information for knowledge to be deductively created.
Title: ”Interoperability and Security for IoT using XMPP”

17:20 – 17:40 CEST
Joachim Lindborg

Joachim Lindborg

Joachim has since the last millenium worked with connected devices to do energy efficiency solutions. Organizer of the evening and project leader of ”intelligent energy servies”
Title: ”The business model issue in a distributed world how to unleash the business potential in IoT”
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18:00 CEST
Alex Jonsson

Alex Jonsson

Alex has a profound knowledge of how to make things work. His knowledge from application down to sockets makes the Evothings studio a very promising application
Title: ”Hands-on session with the Evothings studio”
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19:00 CEST
Östen Frånberg

Östen Frånberg

From the analysis of Sweden’s strengths and opportunities of IoT to the National Strategic Innovation Program for implementation of the internet of things
Title: ”How Sweden plans to use the potential of the Internet of Things”


20:00 CEST
Jaakko Kiviluoto

Jaakko Kiviluoto

We will have a second hands-on session for those who missed the first one.
Title: Intel Handson second session with the Edison board


21:00 CEST
The is closing down be sure to checkout the last food, with the simplesignup receipt number