Intelligent energy Services and Global IoT day

The project Intelligent energy Services that took the initiative to start the Swedish Global IoT day was done by Sustainable Innovation

The aim for the project was to create a messaging interoperable infrastructure for IoT enabled Smart Homes. This lead to a standardisation effort in the

We use the simple chat protocol XMPP to enable all IoT things to have a simple friending mechanism. This in turn  enables them to exchange information across companies and borders and firewalls. Pretty much like a secure ”email for things”

Just imagine what services could be done if any device actually can talk to any device in the same language.

The participants in the project Vattenfall, Riksbyggen, Maingate, Securitas, Verisure, CTC Enertech, Viessmann, Systemair, H & D Wireless, Ngenic, Sics and Sust.

Vinnova provided funding through its program Challenge-driven Innovation.