IoTday 2016 schedule

IoTday 2016 schedule

We are now finalizing the schedules for the Global IoT day and evening. This is somewhat preliminary and will probably change some

The day will be both technical with devices and things and some good talks. we try to keep the talks to start at the whole hour.

Joachim Lindborg

Event host Joachim Lindborg

please contact if you would like to talk or have any comments

Time Schedule in CEST
12:00 CEST
First welcome and setting up teams and do challenges.
14:00 The future what’s in it for us? Bo Dahlbom



15:00 Internet stiftelsen / internetmuseet: Ann-Marie Löwinder





 Some vegetarian food will be supplied,


18:00 Evothings the quick world of new apps: Alex Jonsson




19:00 Physical web when the web and the world joins: Scott Jenson




20:00 IoT disruptions: Sudha Jamte