IoTday  2016 Devices, teams, challenges

IoTday 2016 Devices, teams, challenges

IoT is all about Internet Of Things. Things being active on Internet and things helping you with tasks and solving new challenges

We have several devices from Intel Which we will explore. So try and talk to other tables and make devices talk to each other use and the tutorials as inspiration


Intel Compute Stick( 2 teams)

This fantastic little machine is quite amazing

Our challenge:

Setting up the compute stick have it connected to network

Create a simple webpage slide show accessing other devices

Join a xmpp chat room displaying messages and posts

Create a klient that can respond to events from other devices


Intel NUC computers (2 or more teams)

These workhorses are really capable of doing so much!  This is of interest to those that need some more computational power but at the same time in a small power factor.

The ecosystem around these are exploding


our challenge 1:

Setup the NUC to be a local hardware gateway or an REST api integrator

using USB hardware sensing from ICPDAS using their serial protocol


our challenge 2:

Set up the integration plattform on a NUC to be able to be a integration tool for many IoT devices

It’s a docker-compose based environment with databases etc

our challenge 3:

Help out and create


Intel Edison as Ibeacon (2 or more teams)

Scott Jenson will give a short talk on physical web

we have several Edisons that can act as sensors and actuators

explore  setting up Edison as Ibecon

why not publish some values from the groove kit teams below?


Intel groove sensor kits (2 teams)

Setup the two sensoring groove kits that we have

then combine that with

To connect the sensor information


Blink som lights on a edison breakout board

Being friend with an Intel Edison and have Secure access over XMPP




here I have put up some documents and ideas etc some from last year


We will be able to lend you or a group of persons these devices

Apply here for a possible long loan of devices to solve some IoT challenge