IoTday 2018 going live on 9th of april 2018

IoTday 2018 going live on 9th of april 2018

Yes of course!  Did you think we would miss it this year? No way!

We have booked THINGS Stockholm also for this year – it’s a perfect meeting place. Come and go as you like but be sure to bring a computer if you want to participate in the hacking sessions.

Signup here – especially if you would like something to eat.



13:ish Welcome and get started on a project

Meet and greet with everyone. Join in and start building some things or just enjoy a bit of mingeling.

14:00 Digitalisation and smart energy

Crowd and citizen powers are enhancing , millions of heatpumps can fix grid flexibility. Services like and create enormous power to visualise environmental data.

Joachim Lindborg, CTO Lindborg Systems & Sustainable Innovation

15:00 From floor heating to Hot IoT

Warmup delivers electrical floor heating. The company is integrating a lot of smart home devices and is also participating in Smart Grids, where the floor’s can help in managing power peaks in the electricity grid.

Fredric Lindberg CTO, Warmup Sweden

16:00 Ipv6 and LwM2M

At RISE SICS a new initiative has emerged during the spring, implementation has been lively and ContikiNG is now off for the masses. Together with the standard LwM2M and Coap it’s a very suitable IoT solution and could bring interoperability to the IoT world of devices.

Joakim Eriksson and Simon Duquennoy are developing the ipv6 stack for the future, we will hear them on what’s cooking @ Rise

17:00 Food time for registered participants. (Vegetarian)

18:00 Privacy for IoT with XMPP

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is very important and particularly important for the Internet of Things, where sensors often collect sensitive personal data. This talk presents the XMPP protocol, and how it helps ensuring privacy, through its built in support for authentication, encryption and consent-based authorization. Using IEEE interoperability interfaces based on XMPP, distribution and processing on the edge, it is possible to create open, interoperable and yet secure IoT applications, protecting the privacy and integrity of its users.

Peter Waher, founder of, Author of several IoT books

19:00 #SmartyTempy

Dalton has built an IoT system using Telegram chat platform and he uses it for temperature and related infos using IoT+chatbot.

Dalton Oliveira: Engineer / Project Manager @ São Paulo State Government

20:00 How IoT is leading us to the Driverless World

Sudha – an internationally very active IoT enabler – will give a live stream on women in IoT during IoTday,  and she has squeezed in a talk for us on one of her latest projects about how  IoT, AV all leading to AI with data is reshaping everything.

21 sum up



Air quality measurment with Luftdata

Air quality is important in cities. Take part in building an air quality sensor with devices from and publish data on

We have 2 kits. We will build an deploy them here at THINGS. Sponsored by Lindborg Systems

Electricity meter with ESP

Borrow an ESP chip and use it to get data from an electricity meter.

This tutorial is created by RISE. Anton Gustafsson will provide us with 10 kits to fiddle with.

Handson IPv6 and LwM2m

Borrow a silicon labs Thunderboard Sense and make an IPv6 connected IoT device and publish data over LwM2M

This is also a tutorial created by RISE. Joakim Eriksson will provide us with 10 kits to fiddle with



So come an join us at Stockholm Things and celebrate #IoTday