IEA project featured in swedish press

IEA project featured in swedish press

The newspaper Svenska Dagbladet had an article suite around connected things and our project was featured. apparater-ska-kunna-kommunicera forskarna-kopplar-upp-och-ihop mobilen-blir-nya-nyckelknippan

International standardisation

International standardisation

Standards are a tricky thing the old saying that “Standards are good everybody can have their own” is on the way out! The concept of world wide standards are here. The project is taking part in the work of …

Vinnova conference Malmö

Preparing for 2 day conference in Malmö with state funding in the funding team “Utmaningsdriven Innovation” Joachim Lindborg, Bo Dahlbom and Jonas Eklind will participate.

Architectural week

The next week will be focusing on the technologies and architectures. We are looking to solve the tricky thing to give us a business silo spanning solution. It´s a bit frightening to be expanding a business in a known business…

Full speed ahead into 2013

We started 2013 in high speed with taking part in ISO/IEC IEEE joint effort round standardisation of the ISO 21451 standard for smart transducers. This could be an important standard for our applications. Detailed planning for the release in week…

Summing up for christmas

The Intelligent Energy Use project is summing up and checking out for a good Christmas! Tanks to everyone for all the good work and we are  pleased to see that so much has starting to work. The possibility to control…

Generic API for heating systems

Today we worked on the generic API for communication with the heating systems e.g. Heat pumps in this project. The goal is to create the common denominator needed to enable third party energy services. In the project the ngenic company…

Exiting project

The project is now in an extensive prestudy phase. By week 13 in 2013 it will be through the first iteration of advanced technical elaboration and will focus on the implementation and first deployment of the energy services.